I’M Social Media

We develop social media strategies for different brands. We build applications for social media platforms and run analytics effectiveness of activities. We create content marketing, buzz marketing, strategy, online advertising for your brand. We create communities for brands – both mass and niche. We are using the best social media channels like: blogs, microblogs, forums, social networking sites. We monitor them all by using the best Polish and foreign Social Media platforms. We work on platforms like: Facebook, NK.pl, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinger, Tmblr, etc.

I’M Mobile

To effectively reach potential clients, it is recommended to use the latest marketing strategies. One of them is certainly a mobile advertising campaign, which allows a novel way to effectively hit the explicit audience. For this purpose, we use methods like sending SMS and MMS campaigns, sourcing leads, as well as e-mail marketing and mobile applications or preinstall. Because of the access to information concerning age, location, gender and interests of potential customers, it is possible to properly match the advertising content to specific audiences.

I’M Video

YouTube is one of the largest social networks in the world. Social networks (FB, Instagram, Nasza Klasa, etc) are full of video content. VOD-Player or TV, thanks to streaming video on the home screen of the TV (via AppleTV, Google Chromecast) caused a situation in ewhich cable TV or satellite TV has become superfluous. Consumers under 45 years of age spend more time online than offline (newspapers, radio, TV). Online video advertising gives the convenience of a precise statistics to generate campaign, and thus, the accuracy in the calculation of ROI.

I’M Prognostic

By using advanced econometric models, we try to explain what are the relationships between external factors / elements of marketing-mix and sales. Forecasting models predict the effects of marketing activities and depending on the goals, adjust communication tools, intensity and seasonality of activity.

I’M Researcher

We study the competitive environment in your sector , we consider the advertising activity in the industry and we monitor customer IMAGE on the Internet. We offer support to our clients in the Form of complete portfolio of media and Marketing Tools . We study and analyze not only the Effectiveness of Communications channels , but also the effectiveness of the design, condition and perception of the brands, the impact of investments on the products position in the Market

I’M Media Planer & Buyer

Planning an effective marketing communication involves a design of advertising that leads to creating a desired advertising message that is perceived and understood by the public. Therefore, we begin this process from our target group. We determine the shape with the client, and then we get to know it in depth using a variety of methods and tools. After learning behaviors, needs and the ways of thinking of people in the target group, we choose the channels of communication (radio, TV, OOH) and forms of advertising ( Ads of recommended length, advertising, advertorial or sponsorship). We recommend the intensity and layout during communication.

I’M a Strategy thinker

In this case, a reasonable solution that can reassure you,  is a media audit of ongoing activities. We sign confidentiality clauses and  we scan your spendings for advertising budgets efficiency in your business. Audit of your media activities in the ATL channel and online will reveal how much money can be saved by eliminating mistakes. We advise our clients how to professionally build their image in the media. Every  planning action is predetermined by a usability analysis of promoted product / service.