Google Analytics is a web tool for the web analysis service, available by Google. It was created on the basis of a system purchased by Google’s Urchin Software. Google Analytics has released a free service in November 2005. By mid-2006, there were limitations to the number of projected accounts and profiles, now the system is available to any person having an account with Google.

What we offer to our clients?

  1. we configure the counting of individual conversions on your website, such as purchasing a product, subscribe to the newsletter, use the contact form, etc.;
  2. we exclude Internet traffic from certain IP addresses;
  3. we configure the site search tool Google Analytics, so we know what phrase seek out users of our site and the steps to be taken later;
  4. we configure the Google Webmaster tool Google Analytics so you gain more data on the Google search engine traffic with respect to our site;
  5. we configure the tool Google AdWords Google Analytics tool to be able to effectively evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.