RTB or Real Time Bidding is the most modern way to purchase advertising on the Internet. RTB is based on three assumptions:

  1. Automation – the purchase of advertising is done automatically, the whole process of buying and handling advertising campaign is managed from the interface purchasing platform
  2. The auction system – about which ad will be displayed decides auction, the winner is the advertiser who offers the highest bid. Auctions are conducted individually for each individual views, to which you want to display advertising.
  3. Real time – the entire purchasing process takes place in real time, in milliseconds.

We offer our clients:

  1. advanced mechanisms to build profiles of behavior of Internet Users
  2. precise and customizable method remarketing
  3. The cost optimization (CPM from 1 zł)
  4. To exploit the full potential of RTB (Audience Targeting, Retargeting, thematic services, premium site, Rich Media, Video, Mobile)